Accounting Class, the QuickBooks video training that will take you from books-zero to books-hero.

Whether you are full time accountant or just want to learn more about basic QuickBooks, this course guides you through the exact steps you can take to get most out of QuickBooks.

Hey! I want to be a bookshero!

Stop thinking about learning QuickBooks and get started today. Accounting Class will hold your hand through all the hard parts, including setting up your first company, linking bank feeds, and preparing financial reports.


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Davida Pitts raised over $38,000 for a crowdfunding campaign

Read her success story

Davida Pitts raised over $38,000 for a crowdfunding campaign

Read her success story

My ideas and strategies about accounting and QuickBooks have been used by over 10,000 small businesses across America.

I’m Zac Weiner, founder of the Accounting Class

Stop taking advice about small business accounting and QuickBooks from people who’ve only read about it online. Instead, learn what actually works from someone (like me – Zac!) who’s used QuickBooks to manage small business accounting for varying businesses all over the country.

My small business consulting is my main source of income so you could say I’m a bit of a QuickBooks expert. My “QuickBooks Small Business Bookkeeping and Accounting Guide: The Best QuickBooks Pocket Guide For Successful Small Businesses” has sold over 10,000 copies in a few months. I use QuickBooks to help small business owners better manage their business, and I’ve helped hundreds of clients to do the same with their finances and accounting departments. I also consistently save clients with productivity hacks and setup tricks. I’ve made and helped others make millions from what I teach in this course.


Here’s exactly what you’ll learn about QuickBooks in the Accounting Class

And once you buy the course, you get access to lessons forever (regardless of registration being open or closed), as well as free updates and free new lessons, as they’re released:



  • 1.1 Getting Started
  • 1.2 How to setup Chart of Accounts (samples included)
  • 1.3 How to setup Banking
  • 1.4 How to setup Credit Card
  • 1.5 How to setup Loans and Lines of Credit

Getting Around


  • 2.1 Dashboard
  • 2.2 Vendors
  • 2.3 Sales (also known as customers)
  • 2.4 Expenses
  • 2.5 Chart of Accounts
  • 2.6 Reports
  • 2.7 Settings



  • 3.1 Entering Bills
  • 3.2 Entering Expenses
  • 3.3 Updating Banking
  • 3.4 Processing Bills/ Bill Payment
  • 3.5 Recurring Transactions



Weekly Activities


  • 5.1 Record Sales/ Invoice Customers
  • 5.2 Enter Invoices
  • 5.3 Receive Payments
  • 5.4 Updated Banking
  • 5.5 Make Bill Payments
  • 5.6 Generate Flash Report

Monthly Activities


  • 6.1 Reconcile bank accounts
  • 6.2 Reconcile Accounts Payables
  • 6.3 Reconcile Accounts Receivable
  • 6.4 Review Income Statement
  • 6.5 Review Balance Sheet
  • 6.6 Closing the period
  • 6.7 Generating Financial Reports

Complex Accounting Items


  • 7.1 Using Classes
  • 7.2 Employee Expenses
  • 7.3 Payroll Journals
  • 7.4 Closing Periods
  • 7.5 Reissuing previous period checks


  • Free access to the always-growing Slack channel—a place where MailChimp lovers and email marketers can chat and ask each other questions.

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